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Refund policy:

The complete money would be paid back to our customers in the following cases:

1. If the customer is dissatisfied regarding the received medicinal products.

2. If the goods are delivered on time, due to certain conditions.

3. The goods are delivered at the incorrect address which might happen due to error in address from our team.

Prescription policy:

1. Issuing of the prescription letter is essential & this must be forwarded to our organization after placing the orders.

2. A prescription letter is a must since it helps to send the optimum medicinal products to our customers & this must be a valid one.

3. This must also be achieved from a qualified medical expert or else the consignment might get cancelled.

4. This letter must reach our organization within a period of 10 days after the order is placed.

Privacy policy:

1. Our organization maintains crystal & transparent business techniques which ensure complete security for the maintenance of the personal information of our customers that is provided by them during the time of consignment.

2. We have made use of proficient technologies which do not allow plagiarizing of the drug products, the methods of dispatch to our customers.

3. No interference of the third parties during the distribution of the products is allowed & we believe in pure business.

Cancellation policy:

This must be done within a period of 24 hours after the placement of the orders of the medicinal goods so that the cancelled products are not delivered from our organization.